When can I expect my order?

  • Allow up to (2) days for us to process your order.  Then, refer to shipping for how long after processing.  It depends on your specific location.


Where do the shoes come from?

  • Most of our shoes were created in Le'Marche, Italy and all others are made in the USA.  Check the description of the shoe to see where the shoe was made.


How can I get a refund?


Who designed the shoes?

  • All custom shoes and custom products in the store were specially designed by the Owner/Artist Jonnie Kae.


What type of materials are the shoes made out of?

  • Every shoe made in Italy features pristine, quality leather and suede, sourced and processed in Italy. Custom shoes created in this luxe material makes the end product smooth to the touch, comfortable to wear and visually stunning. There’s a reason Italian leather is an essential resource among the best brands.  


How can I close my account?

  • If you're having trouble closing your account through the portal, please contact us through the contact page to close your account.   


How can I unsubscribe to the mailing list?

  • Contact us through the contact page and let us know that you would like to be removed from the mailing list.  Allow up to 24 hrs for confirmation that you have been removed.



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