Marble B-Ball Max 20s

Classic Runner 2000

Strap Runner 033

Strap Runner 022

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B-Ball Max's

Everyone is going to ask you where you got your shoes from! We feature designs that you simply can't find anywhere else.

Most of our collection is made with the best materials you can only find in Italy. Stand out from the crowd! Get your pair today. Shop Now

Custom Shoe Boxes

with each pair

it's own unique design

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Custom Shoe Box Designs

You will receive completely custom and top-quality collector’s edition packaging with each pair of our sneakers made in Italy.

Your 1st Place Shoes will also come with a custom design built inside the tongue of each pair of your sneakers. Shop Now

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We Ship Everywhere

We deliver all over the world! If you're unsure about whether we can deliver to your country, chat with us in the chat bubble or send us a message. We'll let you know asap.

1st Place Shoes - Strap Runner 033

The Strap Runner

Strap up and go!

Our Strap Runner's are suitable for running, working out, or to enjoy a night out with friends.

Comfortable to wear and easy to put on. Shop Now

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We offer free shipping to anyone who lives in the US, UK, or Europe (crafted in Italy sneakers only). A standard shipping fee may apply to all other products in the store. International shipping rates apply to all other countries.